Kaizen Academy, LLC (“Kaizen”) is a United States Fencing Association club that specializes in Olympic Fencing. Kaizen teaches all ages (5-85) of students about proper use of fencing equipment and play of fencing swords in a energetic and safe environment. Kaizen teaches both able body and wheelchair (parafencing).

Kaizen means "change for better", and refers to any improvement, be it one-time or continuous, large or small.  Success is measured in many ways with multiple paths - we can start you on your journey of a lifetime today.

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Kaizen Coaches are nationally & internationally accredited by the United States Fencing Coaches Association and Academie d’Armes Internationale (AAI).

Kaizen's Coaching staff has taught regional, national, and international medalists and collegiate graduates.


Kaizen's unique Blade Curriculum teaches skills and techniques for empowering talent at all levels from weekend warrior to success at collegiate, national and international competitions.


Kaizen celebrates the achievements of the individual as you reach your goals and discover your potential.

Each class is structured around coach observation and peer to peer analysis and improvement. Each game, drill, and open laboratory time is structured for building learning blocks to create their own individual style of swordplay. 


Kaizen Academy is more than a sports academy.

At Kaizen you will make lifelong friends, network with professionals, get help with homework, plan for college, learn new skills, and stand out.

Parents will find a welcoming inclusive group and are encouraged to get involved. 


Kaizen Fencers are more than athletes. 

They have big goals, dreams, and aspirations.

Kaizen Coaches listen and work to help our students achieve at all levels.

The paths to success are many.

Head Kaizen Coach

Coach Kevin has worked extensively in fencing over the last 20 years as a competitor, coach, and referee. He has continuously augmented his knowledge base by working and teaching with world class coaches in the last 18 years such as Michael Marx (USA), Sebastian Dos Santos (USA), Cody Mattern (USA), Fabrice Jeannette (FRA), and Jean Francois Dimartino (FRA).

Over those years, he honed his coaching experience and developed a proprietary coaching curriculum (Blades) based on proven best practices from his collaboration with other national and international coaches.

Kevin welcomes students from all levels, developing beginning recreational fencers to coaching national champions regardless of age. He has worked with youth for decades and specializes in creating a fun, creative, and engaging environment that teaches fencing skills and strategies.

He is an international referee from the world governing organization, Federation Internationale Escrime (FIE ), and International Wheelchair and Amputee Sports Federation (IWAS). 
As a Certified Referee Instructor (CRI), Kevin teaches USA Fencing referees and athletes the national curriculum in what the current interpretation of the rules are and how to effectively implement them in their game. He is has his international coaches certification (USFCA and AAI Prevost Epee) and is working towards his Maître in epee.
In 2016 Kevin was the commentator and announcer at Rio Paralympics.

Head Epee Coach


Coach Yasser is a former Olympic fencer and competed in the 2004 Athens Olympic Games. He was fencing for the Egyptian National Team for more than 15 years. Some of his major accomplishments include winning two World Cups and international gold medals at the Arab and African Championships.

Many of Coach Yasser's students have achieved international and national medals. Kaizen fencer’s benefit from Coach Yasser's extensive experience that will boost success both nationally and internationally.


Coach Yasser has planned an amazing fencing year ahead. He is looking forward to meeting all of you and getting to know you better, so do come in and say hello next time you meet him at the academy.

Engarde. Ready. Life!

take charge of your future TODAY.

Fencing is an adventure to be shared.
Where will your path lead?


Did you know Kaizen Academy qualifies as a way to use 529 monies now in high school to open doors for colleges?



Go Beyond Cake and Presents!

Create a memory to last!

Do you have a budding d’Artagnan in your midst?
A Rey who loves swinging sticks while making a lightsaber humming sound?
Learn how to wield the second fastest item in the Olympics while battling your friends!
Kaizen will help you create the coolest party in the kingdom and galaxy.


Team Building


TIred of verbal swordplay at work?
experience REAL swordplay instead of watching IT!

Want to test your mettle with and against your colleagues at work without a HR violation?
This is fun, exciting, and memorable. Different themes can be emphasized (e.g. camaraderie, creativity, and trust) throughout the session. Everyone will learn basic fencing movement, attacks, and defense in game style environment.




need a place to practice or teach stage combat classes?

Is YOUR HEMA group in need of a place to meet?

Looking for a place to rehearse your latest outdoor ?

Kaizen Academy has 2300 feet of high ceilings and open space. The floor is padded for sport to reduce fatigue. Lots of of amenities and parking.


Beyond the mask ...


I have know Kevin as a Fencing Coach, a Referee Assignor, and as a Mentor starting when I was 10 receiving my very first national medal in Y10 ME.

I am now at the college of my dreams studying to be a Biomedical Engineer on the banks of the Hudson River overlooking Manhattan.

I work with the Stevens Institute of Technology Board of Directors for Student Philanthropy.

I have won medals nationally and internationally, become a high ranked National USA Fencing Referee, and fenced at the NCAA Championships.

Kevin has always been there to give me direction and advice, introduce me to people and open doors. I have traveled the world and made friends. My college roommate is a fencer from another club who I meet at camp back when I was in middle school.

Wolfe Crouse

Stevens Men's Epee Team, Stevens Head Armorer
USA Fencing Nat'l Referee


My life has gone a long way from when I first met Kevin. Now I’m in my final semester pursuing my Master’s degree in Physiotherapy.

I have also started to study the “Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist” to better educate myself to aid my future patients. Recently, I worked with the Polish National Junior Team in fencing and in a few days I’m flying to the Fencing Junior European Championships as a physiotherapist. I am still actively participating in fencing competition.

Last season I won the Polish Academic Championships, I was 3rd in the Polish U-23 championships and qualified for the University Games in Naples where I represented my country. Lastly, I am regularly practicing at my club ZKS Sosnowiec as well as being a coach for the youngest children.

I stay in touch with him to this day. Kevin, who is an epee coach and international referee, was very welcoming and we had several valuable conversations. 

Julia Dobińskat


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