Kaizen's Blade Program

20 Years of Success

Kaizen’s Blade program highlights the timeless teachings as well as the evolution of swordplay.

This curriculum has been taught successfully to 1000’s of students including those who have become international medalists, two Head Coaches (Central Washington University and Washington State University), dozens of teaching coaches for Coach Mar, national referees, armorers, as well as the recreational fencer who wants some exercise. Kaizen’s Blade program is beneficial to anyone from ages 5-85.

It is never to late to start.

There is currently no one official fencing curriculum for the United States. The reason is because USA Fencing is a melting pot of many different styles of fencing. Fencing has many different schools of fencing. There are Russian, Italian, German, French, Hungarian, Spanish, Polish, Korean, and other variations and mixtures of these schools.

Unlike other sports like swimming or tennis which have a national curriculum, fencing doesn’t have one curriculum. For example, a 3.0 tennis player in one area of the US should roughly have the same knowledge as another 3.0 player in the US.

This isn’t true for fencing. This is the reason a fencer can move from one part of the US to another part and have a very different style, actions, and footwork being taught. The coach may emphasize very different aspects of the game. This variation can exist in the same local area also!

Since there are so many variations, Kaizen's Blade is an open yet comprehensive curriculum for students to gain a full and well-rounded swordplay experience and much much more!


More than just an Athlete

When a student progresses and finishes all ten levels of the Kaizen Blades Curriculum, they will accomplish all of these milestones and certifications:

  • Be Nationally rated in a weapon (potentially two or more) and/or ranked in the top 25% of region or national points
  • Be a USA Fencing certified referee who can referee the Gold level match of a Division 2 (mid-level) bout
  • Be a USA Fencing certified armorer who can armor (fix weapons and fencing equipment) at a regional/national level
  • Have international and national coaches’ certification from Académie d'Armes International (AAI) and USFCA
  • Be Mentored by an internationally and nationally certified coach (AAI & USFCA) how to teach fencing classes
  • Have mentored, taught, and helped certify a student how assist in teaching a fencing class
  • Developed quick and decisive critical thinking in the Olympics’ fastest sport
  • Analyzed competitors and developed game plans through video analysis and first hand observation
  • Learned public speaking from a Toastmaster’s International speaker (Competent Communication)
  • Have taught small groups, large groups, and individual students
  • Written papers about their experience moving through the curriculum process
  • Increased their conditioning and stamina
  • Trained to creatively come up with multiple solutions to challenges
  • Problem solve quickly

All of this is accomplished in a fun, safe, and family friendly environment.

This is a core foundation of Kaizen: Life lessons through fencing.

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