Beyond the Mask

Kaizen Academy is more than a sport academy.

At Kaizen you will make lifelong friends, network with professionals, get help with homework, plan for college, learn new skills, and stand out.

Our fencers have had sucess on and off the strip.

I have known Kevin as a fencing coach, a referee assignor, and as a mentor starting when I was 10 receiving my very first national medal in Y10 ME.

I am now at the college of my dreams studying to be a biomedical engineer on the banks of the Hudson River overlooking Manhattan.

I work with the Stevens Institute of Technology Board of Directors for Student Philanthropy.

I have won medals nationally and internationally, become a high ranked National USA Fencing referee, and fenced at the NCAA Championships.

Kevin has always been there to give me direction and advice, introduce me to the people and open doors. I have traveled the world and made friends. My college roommate is a fencer from another club who I met at camp back when I was in middle school.

Wolfe Crouse

Stevens Men's Epee, Stevens Head Armorer

USA Fencing National Referee

My life has gone a long way from when I first met Kevin. Now I'm in my final semester pursuing my Master's degree in physiotherapy.

I have also started to study the "Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist" to better educate myself to aid my future patients. Recently, I worked with the Polish National Junior Team in fencing and in a few days I'm flying to the Fencing Junior European Championships as a physiotherapist. I am still actively participating in fencing competition.

Last season, I won the Polish Academic Championships, I was 3rd in the Polish U-23 championships and qualified for the University Games in Naples where I represented my country. Lastly, I am regularly practicing at my club ZKS Sosnowiec as well as being a coach for the youngest children.

Kevin, who is an epee coach and international referee, was very welcoming and we had several valuable conversations. I stay in touch with him to this day.

Julia Dobińskat

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