Who We Are

Kaizen empowers people daily so that together we become better than we were before.



Kaizen uses the Blades curriculum to guide us through that process. Life always offers us pearls of wisdom to learn from.


Warriors of the World

Kaizen fosters life learners because life is a journey to be embraced. We help identify and reinforce your red thread in the quilt of life.


The CornerStones

  • Respect – “Each person is a master at something and I am a student.”
  • Discipline – “The refiner’s fire that removes dross so that talent becomes reality.”
  • Confidence – “Do not judge yourself of yesterday, but what you have accomplished today.”
  • Responsibility – “Be the change of the outcome you want.”
  • Success – “Your personal level defined by you.”



Engarde. Ready. Life!

If we improve by just .1% each day, over the course of a year we will be 36.5% better than we were last year. That typically equates to one better decision a day. With compounding growth, that means each and every day, week, month, year, and decade, we can make immense change. This is a core foundation of Kaizen Academy: Life lessons through fencing.


Coach Kevin has worked extensively in fencing over the last 20 years as a competitor, coach, and referee. He has continuously augmented his knowledge base by working and teaching with world class coaches in the last 18 years such as Michael Marx (USA), Sebastian Dos Santos (USA), Cody Mattern (USA), Fabrice Jeannette (FRA), and Jean Francois Dimartino (FRA).

Over those years, he honed his coaching experience and developed a proprietary coaching curriculum (Blades) based on proven best practices from his collaboration with other national and international coaches.

Kevin welcomes students from all levels, developing beginning recreational fencers to coaching national champions regardless of age. He has worked with youth for decades and specializes in creating a fun, creative, and engaging environment that teaches fencing skills and strategies.

He is an international referee from the world governing organization, Federation Internationale Escrime (FIE ), and International Wheelchair and Amputee Sports Federation (IWAS).

As a Certified Referee Instructor (CRI), Kevin teaches USA Fencing referees and athletes the national curriculum in what the current interpretation of the rules are and how to effectively implement them in their game. He is has his international coaches certification (USFCA and AAI Prevost Epee) and is working towards his Maître in epee.

In 2016 Kevin was the commentator and announcer at Rio Paralympics.


Coach Yasser is a former Olympic fencer and completed in the 2004 Athens Olympic Games. He was fencing for the Egyptian National Team for more than 15 years. Some of his major accomplishments include winning two World Cups and international gold medals at the Arab and African Championships.

Many of Coach Yasser’s students have achieved international and national medals. Kaizen fencer’s benefit from Coach Yasser’s extensive experience that will boost success both nationally and internationally.


Coach Yasser has planned an amazing fencing year ahead. He is looking forward to meeting all of you and getting to know you better, so do come in and say hello next time you meet him at the academy.



Kaizen Academy has 2300 feet of high ceilings and open space.
The floor is padded for sport to reduce fatigue.
Lots of of amenities and parking.



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