Kaizen empowers people daily so that together we become better than we were before.



Kaizen uses the Blades curriculum to guide us through that process. Life always offers us pearls of wisdom to learn from.


Warriors of the World

Kaizen fosters life learners because life is a journey to be embraced. We help identify and reinforce your red thread in the quilt of life.


The Cornerstones

  • Respect - "Each person is a master at something and I am a student."
  • Discipline - "The refiner's fire that removes dross so that talent becomes reality."
  • Confidence - "Do not judge yourself of yesterday, but what you have accomplished today."
  • Responsibility - "Be the change of the outcome you want."
  • Success - "Your personal level defined by you."


Engarde. Ready. Life!

If we improve by just .1% each day, over the course of a year we will be 36.5% better than we were last year. That typically equates to one better decision a day. With compounding growth, that means each and every day, week, month, year, and decade, we can make immense change. This is a core foundation of Kaizen Academy: Life lessons through fencing.