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Fencing is a sport that can last a lifetime. Start your journey today.

Kaizen's BLADE curriculum & philosophy focuses on creating a strong foundation based on healthy athleticism and joy of the sport in which to achieve personal success.

Mini-Musketeers (5-7)

Do you have a budding swashbuckler in your family?
Is every stray stick a lightsaber?

We train children how to harness their inner swords-person with fun interactive gameplay and developmental fencing skills. 
This is a great way to learn concentration, chivalry, and fitness. This class uses foam and plastic swords.

The Mini-Musketeer curriculum is an abridged skill development sequence for proper fencing technique. Skills learned in this class will accelerate learning in Beginning Youth.

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Beginning Fencing

Zorro. D’Artagnan. Rey. Arya.
Ever wanted to play with swords?
This class is for beginning students (8+) who are looking to learn a fast-paced and exciting sport in a fun and social environment.

Students will learn the basics of offense, defense, and movement of fencing while improving their fitness and agility. In this class, students will move through the first foundational level of the Blades curriculum.

Beginning Fencing has a battery of skills necessary to complete the class which generally takes two to six months. Students are encouraged to continue training and enter the Intermediate class once they have completed the first level of the Blades curriculum.

We offer multiple beginning classes throughout the week. The Kaizen staff evaluates which class would fit the best with an introductory trial lesson.

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Intermediate Fencing

This class is intended for students who have completed Beginning Fencing or who have been recommended by a coach.

Students will use learned techniques in structured swordplay with one another. Students at this level can start to swordplay with others in Open Gym. There are monthly Challenge Days as a part of the program.

Intermediate goes over the next two of the foundational five levels of the Blades curriculum. The skills necessary to complete this program are more specific and detailed than those in the previous program, thus class completion, typically, takes approximately a year.

Students are expected to start buying their own fencing equipment for practice and open swordplay. Students are encouraged to continue training and enter Competitive Fencing once completing the two Intermediate levels of the Blades curriculum.

Motivated students may do Intermediate concurrently while applying for Competitive program.

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Competitive Fencing

This class is for those who want to compete at a high performance level.

This class is for students who want to regularly compete in regional, national, and collegiate levels.

Students learn fencing specific conditioning, individualized techniques, and competitive strategies. There are weekly Challenge Days.

Students are expected to take regular private lessons to hone their individual game.

Instructor permission required. This is a season long commitment.


Elite Fencing

This is our highest level of training.

Students at this level are training at national, collegiate, and international level.

This is an extremely rigorous program focusing on fencing specific conditioning, honing individual fencing game, and a competitor's competitive strategies. There are weekly Challenge Days.

Students are expected to take regular private lessons to hone their private game. Students are expected to follow the individual competition calendar outlined by their coach.

This is an invitation only class. This is a season long commitment.


Open Fencing 

Open swordplay times to practice techniques and strategies with other students.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are Individual time spent honing technique and strategies for a student. Private lessons may also include skill development for passing Blades level exam, video review of past tournaments, or mental training.

Rates vary from coach to coach. Each lesson is approximately 20 min. long. There is a 24-hour cancellation notice for regularly scheduled lesson, or the lesson will be charged.

All coaches are nationally and internationally certified (USFCA and AAI)


Semi-Private Lessons

Just like a private lesson but with 2-4 students in a lesson block. Students learn by participating in a small group lesson and observing others who are at the same skill level.

This is a great way to introduce private lesson concepts. Prices are less expensive per student. Inquire about details.